We are the “United Clubs Dallas Fort Worth” (UCDFW),
an affiliate of  the  “United Clubs of Texas” (UCOTexas).

  We are traditional, military, community service, religious, and riding 
  associations.  We are dedicated to the motorcycle lifestyle, local
  communities and to freedom.  United Clubs DFW is not an authoritative
  body by design, nor are we political in nature. We deal only with issues
  on the community level.

  Council Elder and Founder of UCOTexas, Bandido Gimmi Jimmy had a
  vision to strengthen the bonds between local area bike clubs, their
  communities, and between other United Clubs of Texas.  He founded the
  first United Clubs of Austin (UCOA) in the fall of 2002. Designed after the
  early AmerIndian “Iroquois League of Nations” the same model our
  forefathers used when they penned the US Constitution.

  In late 2003, Bandido Scott of Fort Worth, implemented the same
  concept of ideas for UCDFW.  He organized the first United Clubs DFW
  Meeting.  Bringing the clubs together in DFW,  for something more than
  political reasons… it had to be like a trip to the orthodontist!  Thankfully it
  was Bandido Scott who took on this onerous task.

  For one to understand the depths, one has to do himself.  The shared
  respect for the Bandidos MC, and Bandido Scott brought all the clubs
  together in DFW.   It has been through his continuous guidance, and
  some times mediation, that has created a strong and growing

  In communicating and working together, you can achieve any goals
  set forth.

  UCOTexas, UCOA, UCOW, and UCDFW owes their existence to a
  shared vision and hard work of many.

  “We are born free and united as Brothers, each as much a great lord
  as the other. I am the master of my body; I dispose of myself and do
  as I wish. I am the first and the last of my Nation subject only to the
  Great Spirit.”
  ~Huron Warrior, late 1600s, trying to explain freedom to a European.

  MISSION STATEMENT Our mission in organizing United Clubs DFW,
  Texas is to promote solidarity, camaraderie and open communication
  between area bike clubs, their local communities, and other affiliated
  “United Clubs” .  We support each other in coordinating benefits and
  charity events, we network and share information, and promote healthy
  motorcycle communities in our great state.